Legal Aspects

The internet is not an unlegislated area.
Only advertisements and profiles within the limits of Swiss law are allowed. Anyone publishing advertisements or a profil one the homepage of Massage Portal or answering said advertisements or profiles is bound to observe the following laws and regulations:
Data Protection Act (DSG)
Telecommunications Law (FMG)
Swiss Code of Obligations (OR)
Penal / Criminal Code (StGB)
Strictly forbidden is the publishing of photos, illustrations, drawings, comics, animations, videos, texts, advertisements, links, banner, SMS and MMS messages, email messages as well as accounts of texts suggesting or showing sexual acts with children or animals, human excretions or violence. It is also forbidden to make such content available to adults who have explicitly asked for this.
Due to the restrictions imposed on Massage Portal by the Data Protection Act and the Federal Constitution, Massage Portal cannot accept responsibility for improperly acting members advertising for forbidden contents on the Massage Portal website. Should Massage Portal determine that illegal information has been made accessible, we reserve the right to suspend further usage of the services without notice. Should Massage Portal determine that a user offers or makes illegal contents available, we are entitled to file criminal charges and to eliminate the responsible party from any further business connection. Massage Portal will act in the same manner against any user breaching the regulations to the observance of the protection age.
Illegal contents can be reported here
Masseur Basel