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Masseur Profile

After registration you have the opportunity to promote yourself comprehensively as a masseur or masseuse. Your masseur profile on the massage portal is public and visible to all users. Your profile should include at least one high-grade photo of yourself.
The email address you provided at registration will be used for contact, but the email address will not be visible in the profile. All important information about yourself and your massage offer must bei included in your profile. Don't forget the prices/fees and also your operating hours are very important. No web addresses are allowed to be named in picture or text form.
Please note that your profile will not be visible until it has been verified by us. The release of or changes in a profile can take up to 48 hours. All text and pictures must be G-rated, all masseur profiles on the Massage Portal are public and visible to all! Pictures with erotic or obscene content are not allowed. Nude pictures are not allowed. Pictures from a masseur shirtless or only clothed with underwear are also not allowed. Profile texts and titles in capital letters are not allowed. Please pay attention to the formulation of the profile text. avoid an inappropriate language, insults, warnings, notices or calls. Commercial advertisements for goods or websites are not allowed in the profiles. For this purpose we offer separate advertising spaces that can be purchased.