Terms of Use

These terms of use are binding with each visit to the Massage Portal homepage. User who do not agree with these terms should leave the website immediately.
Massage Portal is for all adult people who are looking for massages and/or offer such massages. Usage of the website by persons under the adult age is forbidden. All users are asked to behave politely and considerately with other users.
The statement of age of a user in an advertisement or a profile is not verified by Massage Portal and is therefore not binding. Each user is responsible to verify the age of his partner in adherence to the laws of the age of consent.
The use of this website occurs on one's own wish and risk. In no event shall a user make the operator of this website responsible for contents received from other users on Massage Portal using the contact form. Disputes between users shall be settled with no intervention or help of the operator of the site. Massage Portal in general does not take sides and will in no instance provide personal information (Email-Address, IP-Address, Logs) to private persons or their legal counsel. Whoever does not agree to this should not use the website.
Each user is responsible for his advertisements and/or his profile. Only advertisements and profiles within the Swiss law are allowed! Texts and photos of the users can be seen worldwide. For any publishings the user declares to have legal copyright to any material published. All entries will be verified by Massage Portal either before or after publication. In the advertisements and profiles no pornographic contents are allowed or pictures depicting obscene acts. Fundamentally forbidden are pictures and films which depict sexual acts with children or animals, which depict or suggest human excrements, which suggest extreme violence and offers or searches for drugs or medication. Advertising sexual services is not desired on the Massage Portal website, concrete sexual offers or searches for such in profiles or advertisements will not be released/activated. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate contents. In no instance exists an entitlement to compensation or correspondence.
Further information about the use of the Massage Portal website is available in the Info Box
There exists no entitlement to services. We reserve the right to change the coverage and availability of service at any time without advance notice. Massage Portal distances itself explicitly from the contents of websites from third parties referred to by link or suggested in advertising banners. The advertising customer is solely responsible for the contents of his advertising banner.
Massage Portal reserves the right to change the conditions and provisions for the use of this portal. Changes become legally binding immediately after placement in or through the direct interconnection with this portal. Unlawful entries can be reported here
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