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Classic Massage - Handles

The classic massage has five handles which are applied in the different phases of a massage.
Effleurage: You should start and end the massage with an effleurage. Touching the skin is felt as very pleasant.
Friction: The friction serves the relaxation of the musculature and the solving of hardenings. These are small and rotary movements which are conducted with the fingertips or also with the hand bales.
Petrissage (kneading): The massage handle petrissage stimulates the blood circulation and solves strong tensions. With the petrissage the skin is drummed between thumbs, forefingers and middle fingers or is kneaded. While drumming, the skin is pressed on the bones what results in a pleasant pressure. However, while kneading, the pressure is exerted between the fingers.
Vibration: A muscle trembling - also called shivering - should cause a loosening effect. The fingertips or also the flat hand are put on and the masseur generates the muscle shivering which can reach till deeper situated body tissues and organs. This handle has a anticonvulsant effect.
Tapotement: With the side of the hand, the flat hand or the fingers short apt movements are executed. The knocking (Tapotement) stimulates the circulation and changing the tone of the musculature.
Article by: Massagepraxis Basel